Gilliam Adams

Ex-Used Car Salesmen who's fine with the Apocalypse... y'know.... except for all the monsters


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Quantum 3;
Quantum Pool 26, can spend 8 quantum per turn, recover 3/hour resting or 5/hour sleeping
Quantum Construct Plus (Level 4 power), Limit: Initial Manifestation (-2 Levels), Extra: Longevity (Q+Lvl days, no maintenance): Level 3 power at 1 point;
MEGA-DEX 1 (Omnidexterity).
Pretercognition 2 (Roll WITS + Pretercognition) Visions/glimpses of the future…???…at the Gm’s discretion and successes affect the timeframe. …no guarantee the visions are accurate…
Psychic Shield 1.
Matter Creation 1.
Dormancy 4 (4 dice to resist detection of own nova energy, alternate “powered up” and “powered down” forms)
Node 3 [TAINT]. (+3 quantum recover per hour, 3 die to detect quantum energy)
Constructs: Succubus bound to do his Bidding and fulfill his every whim (based on pathetically repressed ideas of an idea woman), Eunich-chan the ninja is a bodyguard and whipping boy who constantly denegrates his penis and compliments Gilliam, 8 unnamed flying Pomeranians that can carry Gilliam through the sky.
Taint: mental, urge to use power, megalomania.

First Summons/Delusions/unP.C. Tulpas:
The ninja Eunuch-chan and the Succubus
Eunuch-chanthe Succubus


Somewhat in denial about the state of the world, Gilliam’s powers are starting to manifest as visions of his pathetic fantasies and broken ego.

Gilliam Adams

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