EMP pulse has fried 99%+ of electronic devices, 75%+ of hardened electronics. Most batteries are at 25%- charge. 99% of modern vehicles require modification to operate due to multiple damaged electronic components, 90% of the undamaged are ruined or missing due to common sense rule.

90% of common sense supplies are ruined or missing (supermarket = food, gas station = fuel, etc).

90% of the surface has been burned to ash. A further 9% was burned to some degree. Wildlife, crops, etc have been devastated. Most birds are extinct.

Formerly thought that 1/10million people are powerful post-humans. Reality is 1/1,000,000. Were 6,700. 50% survived: 3,350 supermen worldwide. World population was 6.7 billion. 10% survived: 6.7 million. 1% of survivors have begun exibiting minor unusual abilities: 67,000 people. Most are thought to have been latent, now manifesting.

Random encounter Ratio: Total Population: 6,700,000 (100%); Vampires, Werewolves: 1/100,000 former total pop. (67,000 each, 1% each);3350 pre-existing supers (0.05%); 670 surviving Mages (0.01%); 3350 surviving pre-existing Hunters (0.05%); 67,000 newly manifesting (1%); Virus Immune Carrier Humans (1%); Other: unknown (0.89%); Virus Immune Non-carrier Humans: 5%; Baseline human: 95%. Assume baseline human population decreases by 50% annually and other powered Human by 10% annually.

Mutagenic viruses are omni-present and rapidly mutating. Most common: the Warhol virus in Europe, the Tyrant virus in Americas, etc. Infection vector is varied but highly contagious. Less than 5% are resistant or immune to a single strain. But, immunity seems to be rising. The surviving animal populations are skittish of strangers and the unknown,perhaps able to recognize the presence of virus carriers.

Migrating birds are nearly extinct due to all the above and lack of coherent global magnetic field. Insects die in large cities, as do rodents. Uninhabited cities are empty of life. Inhabited cities see increase in all pests. Large buildings lose their windows from stress flexing and air pressure breaking more. The ground is littered with debris and glass.

In the wild, winter crops are doing well, while high-moisure and high-sunlight crops die. Carnivores are decimated, as are herbivores. Clever omnivores like bears, coyotes, and racoons are fewer, but adapting; first eating dead carnivores and later eating sub-surface prey like groundhogs, termites, and tubers.

Ocean and river populations are just as badly affected, though not as obviously. Fish hatcheries are a ready source of fish. Some rivers are toxic, while others are safe and even populated. Trees are dead or dying, but can still give shelter. Most caught and/or absorbed fallout ash and toxic rain, offering protection to the area but guaranteeing their destruction.

Water levels are dropping worldwide due to suspension of normal evaporative systems and formation of super glacier in N.europe. Further, increased snow from nuclear winter in Europe/Russia/etc causing buildup of moisture (radioactive). Net change is ocean drop of about 10 feet and many standing bodies/rivers radically changed. Those that still flow are higher, faster and frequently radioactive or contaminated. Others are dry.

The skies have been burned. All light is indirect or filtered. No satellites are available, stars and moon are never seen. The brightest days are a little better than dusk or light cloud cover. Light is never bright enough to start a fire with a magnifying glass or to cause lethal damage to vampires. Solar cells that can still work are 10x slower to charge than normal.

North America:

Draught, dust storms.
For some reason, dim daylight is available, cloud-covered skies with days being short and night totally dark.
Majority of dead are now zombies. Most animals also. Some are mutants instead of dead.
Occasional civilian groups live in fortifications with frequent fascism and poor conditions.


The sky is burned black. Patchy sunlight is available in stormy areas.
Vampires are running feeding camps and keeping humans as herd animals.
Nuclear winter keeps many areas sub zero temperatures.
England is cold but not frozen. Authority carrier impacted and merged with London. Resulting deaths are ghosts forming spirit storms that impact region. Albion planing new invasion. Birds flocking to London England due to presence of Swift.
New mega-glacier forming in Northern Europe/Norway/Sweden, deforming crust and lowering water levels by a foot worldwide.


Draught, dust storms.
Sky varies from dusky to full night. Occasional hours of patchy, direct sunlight occur but are rare.
Occasional civilian groups live in fortifications with frequent fascism and poor conditions.
The dead are simply dead. The continent is dry and empty.
Some animals have mutated, but they tend to be very small.

Random at new town:
95% are baseline human, see above for remaining 5%, if rolled.
5% chance of garrison/patrols.
50% chance of military presence at small military base.
100% chance of some military presence at major military base.
50% chance of tyranny, 10% chance of generosity
25% supplied, 50% supplies failing, 25% many supplies failed
25% engaged in hostilities
75% threatened by zombies
5% threatened by virus


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