Mitch Conner

Car mechanic looking for his wife


Quantum 3;
Quantum Pool 26, can spend 6 quantum per turn, recover 2/hour resting or 4/hour sleeping
Quantum Imprint Plus (Level 4 power), Limit: Initial Manifestation (-2 levels), Extra: More Powers (QxLvl points): Level 3 power at 1 point.
Invisibility 2;
MEGA-DEX 1 (Fast Tasks) – Keep Defense against firearms/ranged attacks; win all initiative ties; roll 1 extra DEX die, its success is 2 successes, a “10” is 2 successes and roll again. FAST TASKS: Cost: 1 Quantum per scene; reduce tasks time to not more than 1/2, simple tasks may be reduced dramatically (paint a wall in a couple seconds, take apart and rebuild an engine in half an hour), some extended rolls become single action rolls.
MEGA-STA 1 (Adaptability) – Go weeks without sleep; gain armor 1/1; -1 injured dice pool penalties; triple normal healing rate; roll 1 extra STA die, its success is 2 successes, a “10” is 2 successes and roll again. add 3 to STA for resistance rolls; increased lifespan.
ADAPTABILITY: Cost 0 Quantum per scene (or more); no need to sleep, eat, or breathe; immune to drugs, gases, disease, dehydration, heat, cold, vacuum, pressure, etc; 6 extra resistance dice vs non-immune; increased lifespan
MEGA-WITS 2 (Quickness 2) [TAINTED]. roll 2 extra WITS die, its success is 2 successes, a “10” is 2 successes and roll again;
QUICKNESS: Spend 1 Quantum for an extra action (delayed by 2 initiative) with no penalties.
Warp 1 (Level 2: combat use only). Attunement 1. TAINT 1. The “Warp” appears as a mildly-vertigo-inducing vortex behind Dan’s character. It may be used in new ways as the regular power with experimentation.
Taint: physical, using power causes faint vertigo and sense of being drawn toward character-like he has a personal gravity field (no actual movement).


missing wife and friend, did they run off or leave together or just both die? all evidence, new and old, is inconclusive..

in pursuit of missing persons…

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Mitch Conner

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